Do your products contain Vitamin E Acetate?

There is currently a growing public health concern surrounding the use of vape devices. Recent news suggests that Vitamin E Acetate may be the culprit.

We never use diluents or additives like liquid vitamins (Vitamin E Acetate), synthetic thinners, or PG/VG oils to formulate our products. We run an analysis on every single ingredient and lab-test each batch before it is packaged and sold.

What is in your LucidMood products?

We only use active ingredients; there are no fillers in any of our products. Each product contains roughly 40% THC, 40% CBD, and 20% Terpenes. This translates to roughly 100mg THC, 100mg CBD, and 50mg Terpenes in a 250mg pen. Our cannabinoids are extracted using CO2 and our Terpenes are extracted from natural botanicals using steam distillation.

What strains do you use?

We do not use strains. Instead, we select the naturally derived compounds that go into each formulation ourselves. We start with pure CBD, THC, and Terpenes to create each formulation offered across our suite of effects. The compounds we choose, and the ratios we use, are guided by our expert knowledge of the endocannabinoid system. The final formulations are then tested in behavioral research trials to ensure that people experience the effects. Whereas strain effects vary greatly with differing genetics, growth processes, and extraction methods, our products are created using specific ratios of active ingredients each time.

What essential oils do you use?

The essential oils one would find at a natural pharmacy or aromatherapy store contain a variety of terpenes, along with some inactive ingredients, which have been sourced from botanicals. Our pens contain select terpenes which have been sourced from organic botanicals.

For example, lavender essential oil contains several terpenes. We extract the subset of these terpenes which create a relaxed feeling (and leave the other terpenes and inactive ingredients behind) and put these into our CHILL pen.

All of the terpenes we use are terpenes that are found in cannabis but which we source from other botanicals.

Why do all of the LucidMood Products contain CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is associated with a variety of benefits. Most cannabis users report fewer side effects associated with THC when CBD is present. Therefore, our 1:1 THC:CBD ratio provides a more pleasant experience for most users. CBD also provides many medicinal benefits. To educate yourself on the medicinal benefits associated with CBD, please check out

How long do I inhale?

We suggest inhaling for 3-4 seconds. There is a timer that automatically shuts off the heating element after 5 seconds.

How many times should I inhale from the LucidMood pen?

Cannabis tolerance is highly variable. Therefore, we recommend that you start with 1-2 inhalations and wait 10 minutes to feel the onset of effects. At this point, you can decide if you would like more, or if 1-2 inhalations is your sweet spot.

How many inhalations do I get from a LucidMood pen?

About 300 total seconds worth of inhalation — how you split that time is up to you. You will get 55-60 hits if you inhale for the full 5 seconds each time. The total number of hits increases if you inhale for shorter durations each time.

How can I tell when my LucidMood pen is empty?

The easiest way to tell is to let the pen sit with the mouthpiece upright for a few hours or more. This allows the oil to collect at the bottom of the window, near the heating element. Once the oil is collected at the bottom, you can hold the window up to the light and view the remaining oil. The oil is translucent; be careful not to confuse oil height with the height of the wick at the bottom of the view window.

What does the blinking light mean?

The light blinks twice after you inhale for 5 seconds. This indicates that the atomizer (heating element) is resetting. This feature manages the dose to 3.5mg of oil, regulates the temperature, and helps conserve oil. When the battery does not have enough charge to power the vaporizer, the light will blink 10 times. This should only happen after all oil has been used. If this happens and you can see that oil remains, please email

The light is illuminated but the LucidMood Pen is not hitting.

If the light is still on, then the battery is functioning properly. There is a chance that the oil has settled away from the heating element. We recommend that you store the pen with the mouthpiece upright for a couple hours to let the oil collect near the heating element. You can also try “priming” the oil by taking several short puffs. This will help saturate the heating element. If this still does not work, and you can see that oil remains, please take the pen and receipt back to the dispensary you purchased it from and they will replace the item. In addition, please email

How should I dispose of the pen when it is empty?

Please recycle the battery that is in the pen. The battery can be easily removed by prying off the lighted flower tip. You can recycle at most electronic retailers. You can find a recycle location online at and enter your zip code, or if you prefer, dial 1-877-2-RECYCLE to find the nearest retailer that collects lithium ion batteries.

What if I am allergic to cannabis flower?

All products contain natural terpenes that are common in cannabis flower. This is important to consider if you have any sensitivities or allergies to terpenes or cannabis flower.